Country Bookshop Book Sale!

My dear friends, neighbors, customers and colleagues,

As usual, we are having our half-price book sale which began on Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

I consumed a bit too much turkey and stuffing on Thursday while the bookshop was closed. (An annual invitation for heartburn.) Then, I waddled downstairs and opened up on Friday in order to clear the shelves of books, prints on the walls and anything else that I could think of not nailed down. Almost the entire place is priced at 50% off during this sale.

When I say the “entire place” I mean just that. More than 50,000 books, old postcards, old photos, old pieces of paper, etc. and etc. – all at the most reasonable prices imaginable. If you’re looking for a great gift to give on the soon-to-be holidays, it is awaiting you at The Country Bookshop.

Gifts of real books, made of real paper, with either soft or hard covers, are still received with joy and appreciation by your family and friends. Beautiful art books, for instance. Or lovely illustrated children’s books. And at the lowest prices you may ever find. Don’t miss this sale.

Perhaps you know a teacher who would love to have a school book from 1875 to compare with a book from today. Well, we’ve got shelves of them to choose from. Maybe you know a collector who would appreciate a rare First Edition or a book signed by its author. They’ll be half off during this sale.

And we’ve got whole sections of books on travel, or Vermont, or law, or books in foreign languages, nature, music. We’ve also got inexpensive new CD’s and even used VHS videos (videos will be 50 cents during the sale).

I think you are getting idea: The Country Bookshop is a great place to find the rare and the unusual and the simply wonderful gift for holiday giving. Plus you’ll be keeping things local and helping the local economy.

So here’s the deal:

What: a half price sale.

When: beginning on November 23rd until I call a halt (who knows when? At least 10 days.)

What time: open from 10-5 seven days a week.

Where: (where?) Why, The Country Bookshop, of course, in the heart of Plainfield, Vermont.

I’m looking forward to seeing you – and we can help you carry those big purchases to your car. (We like to make things easy).

All the best,

Ben Koenig
The Country Bookshop
35 Mill Street
Plainfield, VT 05667
Phone/Fax (802) 454-8439

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