The Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association is an organization of booksellers from the state of Vermont. We welcome you to browse our current list of members: [please note that our website is currently under re-construction]

The listings include the bookseller’s address, phone number, shop hours and location, e-mail or web site links if applicable, plus any additional information.

If you have any questions you can contact Garry Austin of Austin’s Antiquarian Books in Wilmington. If you would like a printed brochure of our list of members you can contact Donna Howard of The Eloquent Page in St. Albans. If you would like multiple copies for distribution at your library, hotel, or place of business, please contact Ms. Howard.

The History of VABA 

VABA has a long, proud history in Vermont. The organization was founded on January 8th, 1977 at a meeting of booksellers at the home of Ken Nims in Ludlow. Ken became the first President. Clint Fiske, The Haunted Mansion Bookshop, Cuttingsville, was the first Vice-President. Ben Koenig, The Country Bookshop, Plainfield, was the first secretary-treasurer, and he also designed and produced the first  brochure. This first brochure listed 16 dealer/members.

The organization is now composed of 58 members who offer books for sale as well as maps, ephemera, and prints. You can find anything from a 19th century Vermont Central Railroad pass, to a manuscript or book from 500 years ago, to a fine first edition of a recent work of fiction. Many Vermont booksellers can also provide you with a paperback to read on vacation. When you deal with a VABA member you are dealing with a person proven to conform to the highest standards and ethics of bookselling in America.

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