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The Vermont Historical Society:

The Vermont Historical Society is the only organization in Vermont that collects artifacts, books, and documents that reflect the entire history of the state, including every geographical area and every chronological period. We have been preserving the history that makes Vermont a special place to live, work, and visit since 1838.

The VHS Library with link to online catalogue.

Vermont Folklife Center:

The Vermont Folklife Center, founded in 1984, is dedicated to preserving and presenting the cultural traditions of Vermont and the surrounding region. Through ongoing field research, a multimedia archive and an apprenticeship program, we document and conserve cultural heritage which could easily be lost; through exhibits, media, publication and educational projects, we bring recognition to the skills, talents and traditions of Vermonters, past and present. The Center has made preservation of the spoken word the core of its endeavors, and the VFC archive now comprises over 4.500 taped interviews, which have been transcribed and electronically indexed.


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