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The VABA News Blog is the online news vehicle for members of the Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association.  Here you will find information on upcoming VABA bookfairs, profiles of member booksellers and shops, links to bookseller catalogues, articles of interest written by VABA members, featured books, book collecting and bookselling information, and anything going on in our and the wider bookworld we think might be of interest to you.  Please check the VABA Website for more in-depth information and articles.

The VABA News Blog is a WordPress blog, and follows most blogsphere layout and procedures.  Just a few things to note:

The “Home Page”:  when you go to the blog at: 
the most recent post will display first – you can scroll down to read other posts. If you want to go to a specific post to either comment or read comments, click on the title of the post [you will notice that the sidebar disappears] – you can return to the home page by clicking the ‘Home’ link in the top Pages bar below the photograph.

Comments:  to leave a comment, click on the ‘leave a reply’ at the bottom of the post after the tags and categories lists; type in the security term given, then type your response in the box ‘comment’ and click on “Post Comment.” 


1.  You can get to the VABA Website Home Page by clicking on the link at the top left just below the Pages bar, or click on the “VABA Home” tab in the Pages bar –  now still the old website, but soon to be the new…[!]

2.  the Sidebar [on the left side of the screen]:

  • VABA Website link
  • VABA events: upcoming events noted here
  • Recent Posts: links to …
  • Links, a listing of resources on the Web relating to bookselling, book collecting, Vermont, Reference, etc. This is just a sampling — all are repeated on the ‘Links’ page where other links and resources will be listed under broad subject areas [if you have a link you would like on here, please send us the information]. 
  • Recent Comments: links to…
  • Categories: links to all posts on a particular subject
  • Archives: link to posts by month
  • Calendar
  • Meta links. 

3.  the Search box is on the top right-hand corner [with the magnifying glass] – you can search for anything to see if has appeared on the blog

4.  The Pages: the bar across the blog under the photograph logo; click on each as follows:

  • ‘About VABA’ page– a short history of VABA [also on the website]
  • ‘Booksellers’ page: this will link you to the main website listing of booksellers and shops – but will also link here to catalogues of booksellers that are online and accessible – please send me the link if you have an online catalogue. [links to full inventories will be in the main website bookseller listings]  
  • ‘Book Collecting’ page: a drop-down menu to ‘book terminology’ and ‘book description’ and a ‘bibliography’ of important sources (all in process) 
  • ‘Archive’ page will just be an index to either posts on the blog or on the website of substantive articles – also listed by broad subjects. If you have anything that you wrote for the VABA newsletter [or anywhere else] that you would like on here,  please send it to us for posting. 
  • ‘Mail Bag’ page: answers to customer queries posed to VABA booksellers of interest to book collectors
  • ‘Links’ page – [always in process!] – a listing of resources on the Web relating to bookselling, book collecting, Vermont, reference, etc. listed under broad subject areas. If you have a link you would like on here, please send us the information[some of these links will be in sidebar] 
  • ‘About the Blog’ page – well here you are…and now you know all…

If questions, please contact us with a comment on this page.

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