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Vermont Authors


Vermont Authors is an open-ended bibliography of published writers who were born in the State of Vermont or who choose to make Vermont their home.

This section of the VABA website will include all Vermont authors past and present, as well as those who inform us if they are taking up residence in the state.

Authors will be arranged alphabetically, with links to website and wikipedia entries. Additional biographical details and author's personal statements will be added as they become available.

Finally, and most importantly, as the Vermont Authors section is developed, the titles of all the authors' published books will be listed.

Note to VABA members: If a Vermont bookseller has a particular title in stock, a link to their VABA member information page -- or their website -- can be appended to that title, so that visitors to this site may purchase the book directly from those who have one for sale.

This is a project that can grow and evolve over time. Thanks to Donna Howard and Mark Alexander, we already have extensive lists of Vermont authors which will be posted here in the near future.

The Editors