Book Sale at Tenney Library in Newbury, Vermont

News from Peter Keyes at Oxbow Books:

The Tenney Library in Newbury, VT has an event called Tenney Fest this Saturday, June 2, 2012, 9am -3pm.   There will be a book sale, a silent auction which might have some books, food, music, a talk by Frank Bryan, UVM Professor of Political Science. 

peter keyes – oxbow books
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Newbury, Vt. 05051

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The VABA 2012 Spring Book Fair ~ In Words and Pictures!

The VABA Spring Book Fair was a rousing time for all participating and those attending… here are some notes and photographs from those who were there!  –

Donna Howard of The Eloquent Page, our intrepid book fair organizer!
[image: from Rachel at Old Saratoga Books]

And please plan to join is for our next fair on 12 August 2012 in Brattleboro – click here for more information.

Rachel at Old Saratoga Books was an exhibitor – she writes about her experience on her blog Book Trout and shares it with us here:

Rachel at Old Saratoga Books

Here’s a helpful travel tip. When traveling in the pre-dawn hours to a destination you are unfamiliar with in a vehicle you are unsure of, it’s helpful to avoid spooky mountain roads where your cellphone doesn’t get reception. I foolishly set off at 4 am  from Saratoga County, New York to exhibit my wares at the Vermont Book and Ephemera Fair in Burlington, hoping to arrive early for the setup. The plan was to arrange my book booth and then stroll around leisurely with a strong cup of coffee to see what my colleagues were selling before the official opening at 10 am.

While I spent a lot of time rehashing my book fair packing list (I remembered my cash this time, unless last November’s Albany Book Fair, when I had to beg for singles from another bookseller) and picking out the books I wanted to bring to Burlington, I was less diligent about researching my driving route and ended up taking Route 9N through the Adirondacks to Ticonderoga, where I collapsed into a fast food restaurant after almost two hours of hairpin turns, a couple of deer in the headlights, 20-30 mph driving through villages through rain and fog and having my check engine light come on after grinding up a particularly steep incline. The cheery counter lady assured me that Burlington was only another hour and a half away, which proved to be the case and I made it in plenty of time to be set up…. ” ~ Read More…


Barbara Harding of Otter Creek Used Books in Middlebury, VT wrote on her blog:

I did it! My thoughts and plans came together and above shows my booth at the recent VT Antiquarian Book & Ephemera Fair – the Spring show – over the past weekend – Sunday, March 25 – in Burlington.”  Read More…

[Otter Creek Used Books]


Some images of a lovely bookish day from Patty McWilliams at Hermit Hill Books:



Joe Trenn from The Book Shed in Benson, VT writes:

“A steady stream of customers came through The Book Shed booth at the VABA Spring Book Fair. We enjoyed a good amount of sales but the greatest pleasure of the day was the opportunity to talk books with fairgoers and see the material brought by the other vendors. My personal highlight of the day was finding a new addition for my London books collection at the Craftsbury Antiquarian Books booth hosted by Tom Twetten. Shakespeare’s Second Globe: A Missing Monument by C. Walter Hodges was among Tom’s offerings and at a very attractive price. Hodges, an illustrator, made the case for rebuilding the Globe with this 1973 illustrated work. A close analysis of Wenceslaus Hollar’s magnificent Long View of 17th century London was used to demonstrate the feasibility of a rebuilt Globe. As a result of his and other’s efforts 21st century visitors to the great city can now see Shakespeare’s plays in a replica of his famous theater. Hodges’ book, which was not published in the US, was a great find and a great addition to any London lover’s collection. Thanks Tom for bringing it along. I’m looking forward to the August 12th VABA Summer Fair in Brattleboro for another opportunity to spend the day amongst books and book lovers. Who knows what treasure will turn up there?

Front panel

Rear Panel

Test your knowledge of London and Shakespeare by identifying the
mistake on the above image of the dust jacket!
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From George Singer, of Ashley Book Company in Burlington:

“I spent well over an hour at the Fair. There was plenty of room to maneuver, the books were nicely displayed for the most part, and the dealers were uniformly welcoming. All in all a delightful experience, positive enough so that next year I plan to have a booth.” 


Ben Koenig of the Country Bookshop in Plainfield, VT commented:

“This year’s VABA Burlington Book Fair was a breath of fresh air. Well run and well attended – who could ask for anything more? But wait – people were also buying books, old paper and old postcards. Customers were entering my booth with packages from other dealers and, amongst those who knew me, they couldn’t wait to share their excitement about their recent purchases. Yes, I sold books. But even better was the feeling that a shift was taking place. After years of depressing faces and poor attendance I was seeing the excitement of a crowd hooked on books.”


If anyone would like to share their thoughts about the day, please comment!

[All Images courtesy of the booksellers depicted, with thanks to all]

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